Conduction and your replacement windows in Wisconsin

As we get closer to the cold Wisconsin winters when it gets below zero, you just can’t seem to get warm in your home no matter how high you set your heat, especially near your home’s windows. You may even feel a draft when you walk by the windows. Conversely, in the summer, the air conditioner may be at the coolest setting, but it’s still hot in the house.

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Both situations are due to conduction (also referred to as convection), or the passage of heat or cold through surfaces—in this case, the glass and window framing material. Some replacement windows are more resistant to conduction than others because of their energy efficiency.

There is a difference between most of the higher quality windows available today and the older windows still found in many homes: the number of glass layers comprising each window. Older replacement windows were usually constructed with a single layer of glass, whereas newer replacement windows are generally made up of double or triple layers. The number of layers is referred to as glazing, as in single-, double- or triple-glazed windows (You may also hear them called single-, double- or triple-paned windows.).

As you can imagine, increasing the number of surfaces increases the number of dead air spaces which significantly decreases conduction. Even so, you may still feel a breeze by your replacement windows even if they are sealed properly. The air conducted through the glass is generally hotter or colder than the air inside. The movement of the warmer air ascending and the cooler air descending creates the breeze-like sensation you may feel near the windows. This is especially noticeable in the winter when the cold is conducting through the windows. Depending on the rate of conduction, you may find fog, condensation, or even ice around your home’s replacement windows (usually at the bottom, since that’s the coldest part). Conduction costs you money, higher energy bills, and in many cases comfort.  No one likes to sit next to the window in the wintertime unless that home has been equipped with Wisconsin’s only solid core composite framed triple pane window from Aht Wisconsin windows.

Owning a home in Wisconsin means that there are very few months when you are able to comfortably go without heating or cooling your home. Contact AHT Wisconsin Windows today if you’re ready to replace the windows in your home so that you can start saving on energy costs. We are proud to help homeowners in the following cities and their surrounding areas: Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, De Pere, Ashwaubenon, and Sun Prairie, WI. If you are ready to get a free in-home estimate, call 888-874-9339.