Choosing the Right Replacement Window: Window Styles

When looking for the right replacement windows to put into your Wisconsin home, the style can be just as an important of a factor as energy efficiency. The style of your windows can make a statement that few other pieces of your home can; adding major curb appeal in the process.

There are a wide variety of window styles, all with different looks, and different functions. Knowing the differences in these window styles will help you choose the best window for your home.


Double Hung Replacement Window

A window engineered to provide great looks, incredible energy-saving design features, and ease of operation and cleaning.

Double Hung – When you think of home windows, An image of a hung window probably comes to mind. Hung windows are lifted to be opened, and double-hung windows allow both the bottom and top parts of the window to be opened. Double hung windows offer a traditional look while providing great ventilation and easy cleaning.

Casement Replacement Windows

Your home receives fresh air and improved security with multi-point operational hardware.


Casement -Casement windows open by turning a handle at the base of the window, turning the window out. They can be turned to a full 90 degrees, giving you the most airflow possible.


Awning Replacement Window

You’ll love the easy operation.


Awning – Like casement windows, awning windows are easy to open without reaching. Awning windows, however, swing upward rather than sideways. During a rainy day, awning windows can be opened up to let air in, without the risk of water getting into your home.


Sliding Replacement Window

Our sliders glide with ease and open to the inside using special levers that allow the sash to pivot for full ventilation.


Slider – Sliding windows do just what they say: slide! These easy-to-open windows are a great choice for horizontal window frames and have a more contemporary feel to them than hung or bay windows.


Bay Replacement Window

Bay and Bow windows give your home a custom designer look and feel, plus an extra space and dimension to any room.


Bay and Bow – Bay and bow windows are the perfect window for the perfect view. These big windows not only give you more to see but also lets more light in and makes a room feel spacier. A bay or bow window will really bring a room to life.

No matter what window style you need, AHT Wisconsin Windows will always make sure you get the best window for your home. Our replacement windows are always custom built and will fit your home like no other. If you have any more questions about replacement window styles, contact us!