Choosing the Right Replacement Window Contractor

In Part 1: Choosing the right replacement window contractor, we discussed liability and workers’ compensation policies. In Part 2 we discuss hiring an “individual contractor” versus a company and interviewing prospective contractors.

If you’re hiring an individual rather than a company to do your installation for you, that person doesn’t need to have workers’ compensation insurance but should have liability coverage in addition to some kind of disability insurance in the event that he is injured while on the job.replacement window contractor

Another consideration is whether or not the person or the replacement window contractor you’re considering is a specialty contractor which means a company whose business is concentrated on the kind of work that you need done rather than on work of a more general scope. It makes sense to use a company that specializes in the same way that you’d certainly choose a heart surgeon over a general practitioner if you needed heart surgery. A professional is an expert in his or her field with experience that’s vital to your well-being which is an example of why a specialty contractor is better suited to replace the windows in your home.

When interviewing prospective replacement window contractors, an important thing to know is how long they’ve been in business. They should be more than willing to provide references and contact information, so that you can check on their previous customers’ satisfaction with the jobs they have. Do they have a customer list that they’re willing to share with you? Some companies don’t, and it’s important to be wary if they refuse or don’t want you to call people for whom they’ve worked in the past. Part of being a smart consumer and protecting yourself from less than reliable contractors is the willingness to do the due diligence. Don’t simply take their word for it.

Check our “PART 3: Choosing the right replacement window contractor” to learn more!  AHT Wisconsin Windows has been installing replacement windows for over 50 years and has never used subcontractors, ensuring we have both liability and workers’ compensation policies. If you are looking to install replacement windows in these cities or the surrounding areas, visit for a free in-home estimate: Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Clintonville, Madison, and Sun Prairie.