PART 3: Choosing the Right Replacement Window Contractor

In “Part 3: Choosing the right replacement window contractor” we discuss financing and finishing the job. When you’re shopping for a replacement window contractor, it’s a good idea to ask about terms of payment. If anybody wants 100% of the payment upfront, try and get down to the bottom of why (most reputable contractors do not require this). For non-financing options, we only require 50% up-front and 50% upon completion one the homeowner is satisfied (for information on our financing, visit our financing page).replacement window contractor

If you’re going down to the lumberyard to buy a stock replacement window, you should be able to get the replacement window installed for you without a down payment, and you should be very wary of anyone who asks for a down payment under those circumstances. There are so many people who will take half down on a home improvement project and never show up again to do the work. Shady operators like that give the whole home improvement industry a bad reputation. Homeowners have had windows installed upside down, that are the wrong fit, that are not completely sealed, or a cheaper version of the actual window that was purchased was installed. Custom replacement windows will have a snug fit, ensuring lower energy bills in the future.

Also, be wary of contractors that do not explain expectations for a satisfactory job. Some replacement window contractors will not set expectations, which means homeowners do not know what to look for to know if the job is satisfactory. This can sometimes lead to an unsatisfactory job. “Sneaky” replacement window contractors will not explain expectations and will try and negotiate a discount for an unsatisfactory job instead of fixing the job so that it is done correctly. A job done incorrectly can lead to leaks and high energy costs. DO NOT accept a “discount”, ask for a checklist or an explanation of a satisfactory job and make sure the job is done right. The replacement windows in your home are an expensive investment that can lead to reduced energy bills if the job is done right so make sure you know what a job done right looks like.replacement window contractor

When you’re looking for a replacement window contractor, make sure you do your research and you can trust the contractor that you hire to replace the windows in your home. If you’re ready for replacement windows and you’re in these cities or their surrounding areas, call AHT Wisconsin Windows at 888-874-9339 for a free in-home estimate: Appleton, Clintonville, Madison,  or Green Bay.