Choosing the Right Door

As I mentioned last week, the front door is one of the most important pieces influencing your home’s curb appeal. Today, I want to expand on that idea to help you pick a front door. There are a handful of different things you’ll want to consider before purchasing a replacement door, or even when updating your old one, so here are some ideas to get you started on the right path.


Blue Painted Front Door
Whether you are thinking about buying a brand new door, or freshening up your old one with a new coat of paint, color is most likely one of the first things on your mind. Working with color on your front door is a great chance to draw attention to your home from the curb and make a memorable first impression. When choosing a color for your door, finding the right balance of contrast and continuity is key. You want to make the door “pop” without looking gaudy or out of place.

In general: if your home is a darker color, go with a lighter color door and vice versa. Houses with muted/neutral tones can benefit from the boldness of a vibrant colored door. If you have a brick home, consider a darker green door, as it’ll complement the red of the brick well. Staining the door instead of painting will offer a much more traditional look, and you can even use the same light/dark contrast ideas.


New Door Hardware

Just like the color of the door itself, you will get the biggest impact with hardware through contrast. Try to pick hardware with finishing that will stand out from the door, and even better if it matches the rest of your house’s trim at the same time. There are a wide variety of style options for hardware beyond the finish, from traditional to modern and in-between, so choose pieces that are going to fit the overall feel of your home.


Entry Door Glass

If you’ve decided to replace your door with a new one, then putting some thought into the glass features of a door is a good idea. Most door manufacturers offer a range options for glass size, opacity, and decoration. Mixing and matching these options can create a downright stunning door to fit any style home.


 Compozit Door

Even after everything you add to door, the material it’s made of still makes a huge difference in how it looks, how it’s maintained, and even how it affects the interior of your home. Wood doors offer a look of traditional elegance, but require extra maintenance to prevent chipping and warping. Steel doors are incredibly strong and durable, and have a modern feel, but are prone to scratching and denting. Fiberglass doors are extremely versatile, and can come in a variety of colors and even woodgrain styles. They also have the added bonus of being virtually maintenance free and energy efficient!

Hopefully this helps you in your quest to make your front door the best it can be. If you have any questions about doors, feel free to pick the brain of our door experts!