GET THE FACTS: Replacement Window Installation

To kick off our GET THE FACTS series we’re going to talk about the importance of proper replacement window installation. Buying replacement windows and doors is an investment you only want to make once. That’s why selecting the right replacement window company and researching the installation process are critical. The installation process is equally as […]

Cleaning your Windows and Patio Door from AHT Wisconsin Windows

Your replacement windows and patio door from AHT Wisconsin Windows have been designed to provide you with energy efficiency, convenience and improve the beauty of your home both inside and out for 50 years and beyond. Check out these tips for cleaning your replacement windows and patio door and how to prevent damaging them when […]

Avoiding 4 Common Replacement Window Mistakes

Chances are you are familiar with the obvious signs you need replacement windows: broken or foggy glass, rotting sash and frame, difficulty opening and closing, warping, cracking, drafts and high energy bills. With so many options out there, we know selecting the right replacement window can seem overwhelming. We want to save you some time […]

Entry Door Trends for 2018

Your entry door is more than functional; it’s one of the first things people notice when they visit your home. Make a good impression! You want curb appeal and personality for your home’s exterior while setting the tone for your design style inside. There are a variety of styles and options to choose from, making […]

Replacement Window Trends for 2018

With new design trends and advances in technology now is the perfect time to make improvements to your home and one you should be thinking about is replacement windows. Replacing warped, faded, sagging, broken or poorly performing windows will give your entire home a fresh look and feel, both inside and out. Design styles are […]

Building Your Dream Home and Buying Windows from Your Contractor

Congratulations! Building your dream home is an amazing feeling! This is your opportunity to design your home exactly the way you want it. When you think about windows, chances are you spend the time thinking about where to place them in the room and what window style and color to select. What surprises me, is […]

Understanding Your Replacement Window or Door Warranty

You want to be protected if there is a problem down the road with your replacement windows or doors making it important to understand the type of warranty you receive. All companies are required by law to provide you full details of the warranty they offer, in clear language, before purchase. Ask the following questions […]

6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Replacement Window Company

You’ve decided to replace your home’s windows, now all you need to do is select a company. With so many options to choose from – it can seem a daunting task. Replacement windows are an investment in your home, and we want to help take the guesswork out of selecting the right company for you. […]

Dangers of Installing Replacement Windows Yourself

You know your way around tools and are handy around the house. You’ve done a lot of home improvement projects and are happy with the results. You’re on a budget and are looking to cut costs any way you can. You’ve watched how-to videos and have read articles and feel you are ready to install […]

Deciding on the Right Replacement Window

What is the best replacement window? Choosing which options are important when buying replacement windows can be overwhelming! Options are everywhere; some are critical for energy efficiency and durability – while others can impact the overall aesthetic of your home. We’ve heard from many homeowners like you; it’s hard to figure out which options are […]