Bay Replacement Windows for Wisconsin Homes

The bay windows that came with your Wisconsin home may be a beloved feature so when it’s time to replace them, the decision on how to best proceed should be handled carefully. Unlike single windows, this feature is more likely in just one part of your home, such as a side facing a yard, within a kitchen or adjacent to a dining room. But that doesn’t mean replacing an outdated bay window is a simple process, especially for the inexperienced homeowner.  


What makes these windows so impressive makes them equally challenging as DIY projects. While they provide wider views and create additional space in a room, the angles and multiple window panes involved can be overwhelming to the unskilled hands. The solution is to find an experienced contractor with an expertise in bay windows specifically to handle the replacement project for you.


One upgrade you can expect a reputable contractor to recommend is the switch from single-pane to double-pane windows. A couple of immediate benefits are usually noticeable by homeowners once installation of the double-pane windows is complete. First, the replacement windows can provide noise reduction, especially important if the home is located close to a busy street or commercial area. A second but even more important feature of replacement bay windows is their energy-efficient quality, reducing heat lost or gained through the windows.


The additional natural light made available by existing bay windows is another consideration whether or not replacement seems imminent. The reason sunlight becomes a factor is the potential damage caused by UV rays on you, your family and contents of your home, such as the furniture. A faded sofa or carpeting is a sign that UV rays have made an impact already. While it can’t be reversed, installation of replacement bay windows with enhanced UV protection will eliminate this issue in the future.


Homeowners in Clintonville, Madison, Green Bay and surrounding areas can turn to the replacement windows experts at AHT Wisconsin Windows. We’ll assess your current bay windows and recommend a plan to upgrade them at a price that fits your budget. Contact us today at 877.578.0495, then visit us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @AHTwindows.