Avoiding Summer Accidents in Wisconsin

Summer is definitely a season where we’re on the go a whole lot more. We may be fishing one moment, swimming with the kids another, and still making time to have friends over to share a backyard meal or two. The period from now to Labor Day seems to fly by, if we’re not careful. Actually, if may seem to come to a crawl if we’re not careful.


There are three places a summer accident can take place: at work, at home, or during leisure time. Sure, that covers everywhere you go, right? True. A summer accident can happen anywhere so it’s important to be vigilant wherever you go.




At work
Regardless of how fast you want the work day to pass by, keep safety a top priority. When working with heavy equipment, be sure you’re in the right mental and physical condition to use it. A late night of summertime partying can take its toll on you the next day at work, and careless moves could lead to injuring yourself, injuring someone else, or far worse.


At home
Home improvement projects are typical in the summer. Carefully plan even the small ones. Use the right equipment, even if you think it’s just going to take a few minutes. A so-called fast job that leads to injury could end up forcing you to spend hours in the ER.


At play
You’ve got the sunscreen and bug spray already, but safe play also involves monitoring where your kids go. Look for sharp objects on the beach and other places where barefoot fun is the norm. Avoid swimming in restricted areas and make sure everyone in the boat has a life jacket.


Safety is of the utmost importance in anything you do. You can spend the summer making good memories or recovering from bad ones. It’s up to you.