A Sure Thing in Baseball and at Home

Brewers slugger Ryan Braun; Photo by Jonathan Daniel-Getty Images



On April 4, a sports columnist gave Ryan Braun a 90 percent chance of becoming an All-Star. Even winning the league’s MVP Award last season wasn’t enough to earn him a guaranteed spot in the Midsummer Classic’s lineup when the season opened. But three months later, he will be starting for the National League at third base, replacing an injured Matt Kemp, after hitting 24 home runs, knocking in 61 runs and batting .306.


The trick in baseball: there are no sure things.


History has shown time and again a team that’s leading in July can fall apart in the pennant race and spend October watching the post-season play on TV. The offensive production of a regular season slugger can dry up in the playoffs. A player called up from the minors late in the season or acquired by trade can become the World Series hero with one swing of the bat.


Luckily for you, getting a sure thing in a home improvement project is far easier than

predicting the outcome of a team’s season or a player’s chances at becoming an All-Star. By choosing replacement windows from a veteran like AHT Wisconsin Windows, you’ll know up front that you’re getting the highest quality of products, including Compozit Windows and Doors, installed by an experienced team knowledgeable in the product and the unique

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 demands of the climate of Wisconsin. The windows themselves eliminate most UV damage, reduce energy costs and improve home security too.


Another benefit of relying on AHT Wisconsin Windows for replacement windows is the 50 year warranty covering Compozit Windows. That includes any defects in materials and the workmanship. If you can’t wrap your head around the span of half a century, consider the 1962 Milwaukee Braves included a 28 year-old Hank Aaron and a 21 year-old Joe Torre. Now you get it.


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