A Home Trapped in Wisconsin’s Past

You may have held onto your grandmother’s armoire. You may have kept your parents’ dining room table. You may even have protected and preserved the vintage fixtures in your old family house. There’s something special about each one of these types of items, and seeing them regularly can stir up feelings of nostalgia. But feeling compelled to hold onto some things too long can lead to numerous issues.

Among the items that gets spared far too long are windows. You keep them clean. You may even paint them. During the holiday season, you decorate them. But regular, single-pane windows aren’t really the part of your home to get sentimental about. Yet many Wisconsin property owners haven’t made the choice to convert to replacement windows for better comfort, improved visual appeal and improved energy efficiency.

The benefits of replacement windows in an older home are numerous. Gone would be the days of feeling a chill as you walk by the window, or struggling to open and close your windows. You also wouldn’t miss seeing the glass covered in ice or fogging up. If your home was built before 2000 and still has its original windows, the time for replacement windows is now.

Even newer homes in Wisconsin can benefit from replacement windows. Not all new residential construction in the past decade contains energy efficient windows. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment complex, you may recall how easily cold winter air passed through the windows and doors. So the age of a home and its windows is not the primary concern. How well they are functioning is a better gauge.

In Madison, Green Bay, Oshkosh and beyond, more property owners are turning to AHT Wisconsin Windows. Start with a free, in-home estimate, and soon you’ll be enjoying the beauty, convenience and durability of our replacement windows. Plus, our 50-year warranty will have you thinking more about the future than the past as your kids will likely become grandparents before it runs out.