9 Benefits of Replacement Windows

Winter is officially here and now is the perfect time to think about upgrading your windows.

Replacing your windows is an investment that will provide benefits beyond extra warmth and saving you on your heating bills.

Let’s go through the 9 benefits of replacing your windows. 

1. Reduced Energy Costs

If you are like most homeowners you’re frustrated by seeing your energy bill increase each year. Investing in quality replacement windows is a long-term solution to reduce these 

Reduced Energy Costs

costs. Look for a solid frame, well-insulated window with triple panes of glass and gas fills. In the long run, investing in these features won’t increase the overall cost and will provide

increased energy efficiency translating into lower heating and cooling costs for years to come.

AHT Wisconsin Windows sells replacement windows built specifically for our Wisconsin climate, saving you up to 40% on your energy bill.

2. Increased Home Value

Homeowners can expect to recoup 73% or more of the cost when they replace their windows according to the most recent Cost vs. Value Report.  

When selecting replacement windows it’s important to make sure they are Energy Star certified and have a warranty that is transferrable to the next homeowner.

AHT Wisconsin Windows has been recognized as selling Energy Star’s Most Efficient Window in 2017, making this the 5th consecutive year we’ve had this honor!

3. Easy to Maintain Windows

You live a busy life and shouldn’t need to worry about a lot of maintenance with your replacement windows. Choose replacement windows with easy clean features, durability 

Women In Front of an Energy Efficient Replacement Window

and solid construction. Solid frame composite windows are 400% stronger than vinyl, providing durability that will last.

Also look for replacement windows that are built from materials that are rot, mildew and insect resistant. These features will eliminate the need to sand, stain and paint your replacement windows leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy.

4. Noise Reduction

Your home is your sanctuary and you can reduce outside noise by selecting quality replacement windows with durable construction. Selecting windows with triple panes of glass further assists with noise reduction.

5. UV Protection

Enjoy natural sunlight without damage to your flooring, furniture and walls by selecting windows with multiple glazings of Low – E coatings. These coatings allow natural light into your home without the damaging effects of the suns UV rays.

6. Improved Security

When replacing your windows choose solid frames built from durable materials that Secure Replacement Window Appletonmaintain surface hardness when exposed to long periods of direct sunlight and moisture. By doing this you are making your home more secure.  Keep in mind – a window lock is only as secure as the material it is installed in.

You also have the ability to purchase double hung windows and patio doors that lock while partially open, allowing you to enjoy the outside air and remain safe and secure.

7. Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Nice Home With New Replacement Windows Madison

Your windows assist in setting the tone for your home’s visual appeal. Replacing cracking, peeling, faded and warped windows with new replacement windows will instantly increase the curb appeal of your home. When choosing replacement windows keep in mind the overall style of your home and select something that will compliment it.

8. One and Done Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are an investment you should only need to make once. That’s why it’s important to select quality products built to stand the test of time and a company who will stand behind those products.  

AHT Wisconsin Windows has a 50 year warranty to give you and future homeowner’s peace of mind!

No hidden conditions with us; it’s not-prorated and is fully transferrable if you sell your home.

Once you replace your windows with us, you won’t have to worry about replacing them again!

9. Comfort

There’s nothing worse than being at home relaxing and feeling and hearing the wind from outside. Upgrading to a well-insulated replacement window will virtually eliminate all the drafts you may currently be feeling. Not only will you stay warmer, you’ll also reap the benefits of reduced heating and cooling costs.

Now that you know the 9 benefits of replacement windows, call AHT Wisconsin Windows today at 866-367-6560 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our experts to hear more about how we can make window replacement comfortable for any budget.

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