Wisconsin Replacement Windows: One Family to the Next

The family is important around here. Many of our customers are raising families and rely on us to improve the quality of life at home with replacement windows and doors. As a family-owned business with more than four decades of serving Wisconsin under our belt, we’re happy to meet the needs of these families. That’s why our choice in a source for high-quality windows and doors comes from another reputable family.


AHT Wisconsin Windows installs Composite Windows & Doors, products made in North Dakota by a family-owned and operated company. These innovative products that begin at a company run by a second generation window industry guy move through another company run by a second generation window industry guy, Scott at AHT. Their journey ends once installed in the homes of families in places like Green Bay, Madison, and Oshkosh, families just like yours.


Because you’ve got enough work necessary to maintain the family home, the Composite Windows are the ideal investment. Energy efficiency is just one of their numerous attributes. A 50-year transferable warranty is another one. But their low maintenance needs may be one quality a family can truly enjoy a day in and day out.


As you’re assessing your family home’s needs and making your home improvement plans for the months ahead, make sure to evaluate the impact of replacement windows and doors. Some quick benefits to consider include improved home security, lower energy bills, and a quieter environment. Well, we can’t promise the children will be quieter but you’ll hear less outside noise.


You can get much more information on Compozit Windows & Doors from the company website, thv.com, and right here on the AHT Wisconsin Windows site. Then call us at 877.578-0495 when you’re ready for a free, in-home estimate. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @AHTWindows.