Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style for Your Home

Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style for Your Home

You have many options for window replacement today, and it might seem confusing when you look at all the different styles, sizes, and materials. Do you choose double-paned glass or is triple-paned glass worth it? Can you change the style of your windows and keep the architectural appeal of your home?

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right exterior window style for your home.

1. Don’t stray too far with architectural style

The windows you see in a catalog might look amazing on that modern house with the industrial slate-gray exterior, but will they match your Midcentury home? Often, homeowners want to make their home look updated and modern, but it usually takes more than new windows to accomplish such a radical transformation.

According to FresHome:

“All homes have an architectural design style that makes them unique and choosing windows that match this design aesthetic is the first step in choosing the right windows.”

Don’t assume you can’t get a little creative since today’s window designs are quite varied, but consider how your new windows will look in your own home, not the home you saw in a magazine.

2. Understand your ventilation needs

As you already know, different windows operate in different ways to accommodate certain needs. For example, some windows are “operable,” which means they open and close. Other windows are fixed and can’t be moved. You’ll usually see fixed windows up high or in the form of very large windows that don’t move.

You’ll want to discuss different windows with your window installation contractor. He or she will offer recommendations on your window style. Most homes will have some operable windows and some fixed windows, and an examination of each room in your house is necessary to determine the best type.

3. Consider the interior of your home

The appearance of your windows from the exterior is an essential part of the design puzzleHouse with new windows you need to solve when choosing new windows, but the appearance from the inside is also something to consider. For example, you might want to consider a window in the bathroom of your home that allows light in but won’t allow people to see inside.

If you don’t like the look of frosted windows, you can also design a window treatment to provide privacy. According to an article from Better Homes & Gardens:

“Add style and privacy to your bath with the use of woven window shades… Woven shades allow bathers to control the degree of light and privacy, and they give the bath a finished look. They are easy to raise and lower and are available with blackout fabric for additional privacy.”

4. Look to the sun for guidance

Your home probably has windows that face every direction, but the same amount of light House with replacement windowswon’t come in each side, and temperatures in each room will differ based on the level of sunlight entering (or not entering) each room. Your choice of windows can impact whether the rooms remain the right temperature in each season.

For example, you can choose windows that open to the outside air on sides where the sun isn’t as direct to cut down on cooling costs in the summer. Allow cross-ventilation and breezes to enter the home instead of running the air conditioner too often.

5. Use your windows as decorative features in your home

Your windows aren’t simply a portal through which you can see out, and sunlight can enter the home. Your windows also provide style and architectural balance to the exterior, as well as interior design opportunities inside. If you’re not an expert on windows and you don’t normally keep up with industry trends, you might not realize that there are some pretty fantastic and technologically advanced windows out there.

Glass Magazine reveals:

“The decorative glass market is the tech industry of the glass world. New fabrication technologies and product options are entering the market at a speed that more closely resembles the electronics market than the construction industry.”

Decorative panes and beautiful windows are terrific for boosting the beauty and style of your home and are available for every room from the bathrooms and kitchen to the living room and bedrooms.

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