AHT Wisconsin Windows Testimonial Video Gallery

At AHT Wisconsin Windows, we understand the unique needs of Wisconsin homeowners and proudly offer products that are “built frozen tundra tested tuff” to withstand the frigid weather we often experience here in the Badger State.

However, while we can explain the benefits of our windows and door products, installation abilities, and customer service all day long, you’d be much better served to hear from customers who have worked with us and know what we’re all about.

Check out the testimonial videos below to learn what our customers think about our products and service!

Why Choose AHT Wisconsin Windows?

1. Deciding on AHT | Laurie

Laurie explains simply why she chose AHT Wisconsin Windows among other competitors by saying “You get what you pay for”.

2. Why I Chose AHT | Laurie

Laurie explains why she chose to purchase her new windows from AHT Wisconsin Windows; for reasons such as the reputation of the company and quality of the product, and that the windows are made only in Wisconsin and built for the extreme weather in that state.

3. Why We Went With AHT Wisconsin Windows | Jerry and Karen

Jerry and Karen originally decided to go with AHT Wisconsin Windows because of representatives they talked to at a Home and Garden show and thought highly of the product. Another reason is that they liked the composite product and its ability to hold up for the long haul, which was a selling factor.

4. How I Heard About AHT | Laurie

Laurie first heard about AHT Wisconsin Windows from an advertisement on WAPL Radio Station.

What Makes AHT Different?

1. Difference Between AHT and Others | Laurie

Laurie details her reasons for making the decision to work with AHT Wisconsin Windows. Among the qualities, she is most impressed with the outstanding warranty on the windows, where no other coverage appears on the market. Additionally, she talks about the quality of the windows being superior on the market.

2. The Noticeable Differences | Jim and Barb

Jim explains the noticeable differences of their replacement windows from AHT Wisconsin Windows as being the interior warmth, how much quieter it is, and the ease of operation.

3. Noticeable Differences | Laurie

Laurie explains that her old windows have reached the end of the life after nearly 15 years. Her heating bills were outrageous and she needed to replace them. After purchasing her AHT replacement windows, she is confident that along with the reduction of her heating bills, she will have a lifetime warranty on her windows and they will live up to that.

4. Difference Between AHT and Others | Jim and Barb

Barb tells us that when considering a replacement door for their home, she noted the difference between AHT Wisconsin Windows and other providers was the quality of the product offered. AHT Wisconsin Windows product was higher quality in the long run.

The Experience: Working With AHT

1. How I’ve Been Treated | Laurie

From the beginning to the end of her experience with AHT Wisconsin Windows, Laurie testifies how she was treated absolutely wonderfully; from the initial organizing, the clean-up, and to showing her the functionality of the new windows.

2. Installation Experience | Jim and Barb

Jim and Barb explain how the team at AHT Wisconsin Windows were professional, courteous and even cleaned up before they left after the installation of their new replacement windows.

3. The Best Part of my Experience | Laurie

The best part of Laurie’s experience with AHT Wisconsin Windows was ultimately the product – the installation of worry-free windows.

4. Overall Experience | Jim and Barb

Jim and Barb explain how their house has changed since the installation of their new sliding door from AHT Wisconsin Windows. Jim mentions the house is warmer than it was before and Barb explains the house is quieter since the installation.

5. AHT Wisconsin Windows Installation Process | Jerry and Karen

Jerry and Karen explain the installation process that AHT Wisconsin Windows performed for their two windows was very quick. The installation was completed in two days with efficient workers and clean up.

6. The Best Part of Working with AHT | Jerry and Karen

Jerry and Karen explain the best parts of their experience with AHT Wisconsin Windows. Karen explains that with a new walk out, she is able to easily clean and maintain her windows, when before she had to climb ladders and it was very difficult. Jerry details that the quality of his new windows is the best part of the experience for him.

7. Excellent Service | Laurie

Responding to Laurie’s service request upon her order of new AHT Wisconsin windows, installers showed her how to use her new AHT window for proper functioning.

AHT Quality

1. Amazing Quality | Laurie

A customer of AHT Wisconsin Windows provides her honest opinion about the quality of the windows she now has in her home. She’s honest about the reduction of energy bills as a result of her decision to replace the old windows in her home with new AHT replacement windows.

2. The Quality of AHT Wisconsin Windows | Jerry and Karen

Jerry and Karen describe the high-quality product they installed from AHT Wisconsin windows, in comparison to their previous windows which developed frost build-up and mold. They’ve seen none of that with their new AHT Wisconsin Windows and no frost build-up at all in their coldest winter in 50 years.

3. What We Like Best | Jim and Barb

Barb explains that one great feature of her new sliding window is that it keeps her house warm during the winter months. She also explains that the glaring light of the day is blocked with the tinting on her door.

4. We Love Our New Patio Door | Jim and Barb

Jim and Barb sum it up about what they feel about their new patio door from AHT Wisconsin Windows!

5. Easy Maintenance | Laurie

Laurie explains the best feature of AHT replacement windows in her home as being able to easily maintain from the inside of her house.

The AHT Starter Program

1. My Experience with the Starter Program | Laurie

Laurie explains how she took advantage of AHT’s Starter Program when she installed the first four windows, as it offered her better affordability and the ability to test the product. After her satisfaction with the first four replacement windows and great experience with the professionalism of AHT Wisconsin Windows, she knew she had to replace the rest of her windows with AHT product and called them back to install the remaining windows.

2. Starter Program | Jim and Barb

Jim and Barb explain how they took advantage of AHT Wisconsin Windows Starter Program when she installed the patio sliding door to their home. This program offers a better affordability and the ability to test the product. Jim says he is satisfied with the product and great experience AHT Wisconsin Windows and when they do replace more windows in their home, they plan to call AHT.

Would You Recommend AHT?

1. Why I Recommend AHT | Laurie

Hear Laurie’s reasons of why she would recommend AHT Wisconsin Windows to friends and family. Not only is the professionalism of the company a major factor, she explains how the window quality is beyond compare to other brands, with versatile use and design, and the convenience of maintaining AHT’s replacement windows 100% from the interior of the home.

2. Why We Would Recommend AHT | Jim and Barb

Jim explains why he recommends AHT Wisconsin Windows to family and friends because of the quality of the construction of the product, and how it’s the most sturdy patio door that he’s seen.

3. Recommendation for AHT | Laurie

Laurie explains how the overall professionalism of AHT Wisconsin Windows is every home owner’s dream, with every issue and aspect covered and addressed immediately.

4. Why We Would Do It Again | Jerry and Karen

Jerry and Karen both believe that the quality product provided through AHT Wisconsin Windows is a reason they would do it all over again. The cost of the windows is comparable with the quality they received and when ready to install more windows, they will call on AHT.

5. Why We Would Purchase Again | Jim and Barb

Jim and Barb explain their reasons for purchasing a 3-pane replacement patio door from AHT Wisconsin Windows, and why they would definitely buy it over again. They really notice the difference with how in comparison to their old 2-pane patio door, the AHT product keeps the cold out in the winter and the house cooler in the summer.

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