Sandy Window Repairs Underway


Photo courtesy of Rich-Joseph Facun and Reuters


The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy is not fully evaluated yet one day after the superstorm made landfall in New Jersey. The massive weather system continues to bring high winds to the Northeast and leaves millions in the dark for an undetermined amount of time. Even once the power is restored to homes from the mid-Atlantic states to New England, cleanup will take a considerable amount of time.


Some homeowners are already taking steps to return life to normal by making small repairs on their own or calling in contractors to help with bigger projects. Window replacement is one of those projects getting handled quickly by windows experts in from Buffalo, New York to Boston. These window and door specialists are responding to calls from homeowners and commercial building managers to repair or replace windows quickly so the safety and security of the property is not compromised.


Cleanup of broken glass should be a carefully executed phase of the process. High winds shattering glass or sending debris into that glass can also spread shards around the floor and around the ground or sidewalk outside of the structure. Safely removing the glass reduces the chances of someone getting injured in the hours and days following the storm damage.


Window spaces may be covered with a tarp or other protective material to avoid additional damage inside the structure. After the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, many homes and businesses sustained more damage inside due to rain soaking furniture and other contents. Often this additional damage is unavoidable; due to the severity of the weather conditions, covering broken windows during the storm is not recommended.


The assessment of the damage for insurance claims will no doubt keep a lot of people busy this week and in the coming weeks. It’s easy to imagine contractors of all types getting booked solid by requests from property owners for inspections and estimates. Whether they’re in New York, New Hampshire or West Virginia, the demand of quality home improvement contractors will be at a high point for the year.


Because of the high demand, some homeowners may scramble to grab the first contractor who responds or one who solicits the work directly. It’s important to remember not every replacement windows contractor is not the same. Tell your friends and family members in the affected areas to use only experienced contractors with a proven track record of service in their community. Your loved ones will save time and money by making an informed decision, rather than a rushed one.