In Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about the cold. Wisconsinites deal with below-freezing temperatures every year, so having a warm home to come home to is an essential part of our lives. That’s why when choosing windows, you should always choose composite replacement windows from AHT Wisconsin Windows. Window manufacturers like Anderson Windows don’t know how to handle the cold like a true Wisconsinite, so buy your next windows from your neighbors here at AHT Wisconsin Windows. 

AHT’s Composite replacement windows have many advantages over Anderson Window’s selection for Wisconsin Residents. Our employees are from Wisconsin so we know Wisconsin winter needs. We custom design window projects all around the Fond du Lac Area and use our fully certified and experienced team to install each and every window to the customer’s satisfaction. Composite replacement windows are the best material for beautiful and energy-efficient windows. 

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Composites are made from a combination of wood, metal, and plastic. Anderson Windows mixes wood and vinyl to create a Fibrex product.  The frame made from this material is more water-resistant than a standard wood frame.  They are less likely to suffer damage from high winds or hail, which is common in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  This composite grows mold and still only comes with double pane IGUs.  The warranty on Anderson Window’s composite window is the same as their standard wood window, 10/20 year warranty.  If the window was expected to last longer, wouldn’t the manufacturer increase the length of the warranty?  Our composite frame is made of EPC, a mix of resin and polymers.  The Composite is over 3 times more efficient than a wood frame, resists mold and mildew, and is warranted for 50 years.  It goes to show you that all composites are not equal.  The normal window from window companies like Anderson Windows accounts for More than 40% of your home’s heating and cooling energy loss. The Composite replacement windows offered by AHT Wisconsin Windows will save you 40% on your energy bill.  That means more money in your pocket!

Local and Friendly Customer Service

We don’t just offer energy-efficient windows and doors, but a whole experience that will leave you completely satisfied with your purchase. We treat every job like we are working for a neighbor because we are your neighbors! Most of our employees have been living in Wisconsin their whole life. At AHT Wisconsin Windows, we want to give back to the community with a superior product. We know that the weather can change drastically from day to day in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. We have all kinds of weather from extreme heat to extreme cold. That’s why we offer a full 50-year non-prorated warranty on our windows! We know Wisconsin weather can be unpredictable, so we have got you covered!

Big window company windows like Anderson Windows aren’t tailor-made for Wisconsin’s climate like AHT Wisconsin Windows are. We offer the only real selection of Composite replacement windows for anyone looking for windows in Wisconsin because they are made for Wisconsin. Next time you are looking for windows, look no further than your neighbor, look for AHT Wisconsin Windows.

Contact AHT Wisconsin Windows today for more information about replacement windows, replacement doors, or replacement sliding glass doors that we install at homes in Fond du Lac and all nearby communities in Wisconsin. Proud to serve the following zip codes with all of their window and door needs – 54106, 54113, 54130, 54131, 54136, 54140, 54165,54170, 54911, 54913, 54914, 54915, 54942, 54944, 54922, 54952, 54956, 54957, 54169