Faster Than Evan Jager in Wisconsin

fast window installation

Photo by Eric Gay courtesy of AP

He’s a fast man. That’s the reason Evan Jager is competing in the Olympics and we’re not. But if this Olympian is a standard for speed due to his title as American record holder in the 3,000-meter steeplechase, we’re confident we can still beat him at one thing: installation time for replacement windows and doors.


Sure, that’s our area of expertise so we have an advantage over the former Wisconsin Badger. We know replacement windows and doors inside and out. We’ve been doing it longer than he’s been alive. Our roots go back to 1967; Jager wasn’t born until 1989.
While we won’t be up for a medal in the Summer Games, we have plenty of time before fall arrives to produce dramatic results at homes around the region. Whether your home is in Clintonville, Madison, Appleton, Wausau, Neenah, Green Bay or Oshkosh, we can help make the transformation to your home with replacement windows and doors quickly and expertly installed. We could even start while you’re watching the Olympics.


Jager is scheduled to appear in the 3,000-meter mens steeplechases preliminary heat on August 3rd. We wish him well and going for the Gold in London. Around the time he’s competing, we’ll be starting on workday here in Wisconsin, perhaps getting ready to install replacement windows in the home of one of your friends and neighbors. We could even be on our way to a free consultation at your home.


As Jager keeps his expectations high, AHT Wisconsin Windows hopes you do the same when choosing a home improvement contractor. Expect the best, no matter what part of the home you’re making over. Since windows and doors can make a significant impact on comfort, security and energy savings, be sure to choose both the contractor and the product wisely.